I want every woman to read this

Lena • Dump your boyfriend 💅🏽 live your best life 💅🏽 Australia 💅🏽 pro choice

Legit every girl. ESPECIALLY those of you who come on here asking for advice about your man who’s lying to you, cheating on you, being mean to you, putting you down, not giving you genuine love an attention... etc. those of you who stay with your aint shit ass men.

YOU DESERVE SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER. Trust me! I been through it. I have. Staying with a shitty man almost ruined my life. Almost, I got out justtttttt in time. But I still suffer to this day. But it coulda been worse. So get out as soon as you can. Even if he doesn’t cheat on you or hit you or sexually assault you, a man doesn’t HAVE to be like that to be shitty. He could just be always rude, not pay attention to you, use you to cook and clean for him, use you for money, treat you as a lesser person... if you aren’t happy with your mans behaviour, don’t give him more than once chance. Hell don’t give him a chance at all. Just up and leave sis because NO MAN who is worth YOUR love and attention will do you bad in ANY WAAAAY. So do not waste time because you think you love him, your life and your goals and your happiness is always worth more than any male. Go live your best fucking life honeys. I’m right here loving and supporting you all.

I’m not lying, I’m not man hating. I’m being real with you. Men ain’t shit and you deserve the best of the best. Never stay and waste your valuable life on a shit man 💋💋💋 NOW GO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE 💋💋💋