Should I trust and give it a try? 🤔

So my boyfriend and I met on tinder while he was on vacation. He did cancel his flight back for me and he stayed here for 8 months then got a job. It was great the first few months then it went downhill. After a while he got depressed and homesick (as his family and friends are all in England) I was the only person he had here.

He told me he needed to go back and it wasn't not healthy for him to stay here. The last 2 months before long distance our relationship was rocky and he said he doubts LDR. Our relationship was shit. None of us were happy with the situation.

But we tried anyway.

Now we've been long distance for a month and he told me he's sorry because he was in denial for so long about loving me.

After he told me that he acts very differently and I feel happier although we aren't together physically. He's more engaged with me, always calls me, and just better. Conversations with him is more enjoyable and we don't argue anymore.

But now I'm the one second guessing our relationship because why did he take so long? I just wish he was like this the whole relationship.

He says he's coming back in November. Should I try to believe him and continue with our relationship?

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