Implantation Cramping??


I ovulated, based on OPK’s, on July 2nd.

On the evening of July 7th, which is the end of 5 dpo, I started getting dull pelvic pain that I still feel now.

At this time the dull pain started, my period was 10 days away. Period is due July 17th.

So. The morning of 6 DPO (July 8th) I tested with FRER, because of this cramping, and I got a very faint line- within the time frame stated to read results.

I’ve been testing since, now three mornings in a row with FMU, and I keep seeing these very very faint lines.

Any tips on what’s going on?

The lines don’t seem to be getting darker, but they also don’t get lighter.

Tomorrow is 6 days until period so I’m hoping I get a darker line after three days of testing.

Any advice help!!!