How do you love a man who doesn’t love himself?


Well yesterday my boyfriend said he needed a break! The past few months we have been arguing and bickering because he was emotionally unavailable to give me the love and attention i wanted! No there’s no other woman, he has never made me question his loyalty or he’s never betrayed my trust! He has opened up to me on numerous occasions that he suffers from unhappiness within himself and just need a break to step back before he ended up saying fuck the whole relationship! I admit I’ve been a total bitch, not giving him a chance to prove himself and just tearing him down, when he’s been there for me through tough patches in my life but didn’t consider his life! Lord knows I’ve cried and cried the past day or two! He said he hopes to get his self together for me and he wants to move forward and find happiness within ourselves! But he also said don’t let him hold me back! I’m waiting for him! We really do love each other what should i do?