Outta pocket?

So I’m 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant .. I’m feeling all the works from last night throughout the day with the constant peepee runs and all of sudden my hips started aching and not only that I’m just emotional first time being away from my family because this is my husband first duty station so I’m alone through the day ANYWHOOO

So I’m confiding in my girlfriend like hey girl I’m so ready for my sunshine to get here healthy ...last night i hardly got any sleep and my hips are aching like crazy but how you doing i miss you ...

Tell me why she said girl stop complaining welcome to pregnancy

She literally has never been pregnant in her life ... it just irritated me because I’m like lol i don’t complain much in my pregnancy because i haven’t really been experiencing much pregnancy symptoms until recently 1st and 2nd trimester was a breeze.

Of course, i just laughed it off but girl who would’ve went off ???

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