Baby shower invites.. can cause drama /:

Erika • First baby boy coming October💙

So my dad and his fiancé are throwing me a big baby shower in California (I live in Oregon, but all of our family is in Cali) my mom lives here so she’s not really helping with that baby shower but she’s going to be flying down there with us because all of her side of the family is there too. Of course I’m inviting my moms side of the family and told my mom to invite a couple of her fiends too. Only thing is my dad and his fiancé made invites saying the baby shower was at “papa and grammies house” meaning him and his fiancé and to RSVP to “grammie” I understand that they are throwing the baby shower but I feel like once my mom gets site of that she’s going have her feeling hurt pretty bad, and knowing my mom she would throw a fit say “I don’t even want to go” I really want to avoid this all together, I know my mom is sensitive because we aren’t letting her husband in my sons life for many reason (terrible man, a drunk, verbally abusive to me and has said out loud that he hates me) so I know my mom is going to feel some sort of way about all this but I feel terrible about asking my dads fiancé to change them because they came out so cute. I just know some people are going to be confused. Is it just me worrying about nothing ? How can I avoid this? I was thinking just not sending them to my mom but she gonna want one for my baby book I know it 😭