Emily • 👶 2.21.18

***Before you say anything I will test tomorrow when I can go to the store and buy a test, I just have an infant daughter and cant make it tonight, i just need someon yo calm me down

So my husband is deployed. We had sex a bunch before he left at the end of may. I tested the day after he left to assure myself I wasnt pregnant. But I've been feeling odd lately, but not the same as pregnancy #1. Almost passing out several times this week, lots of nausea spaced out through the time hes been gone. I EBF my daughter and I think I had a period, but it was light. We didnt use protection but pulled out. I'm probably just paranoid but any one have experience with this? Baby 2 wouldn't be the worst thing in the world but I wanted to wait longer, and I went on roller coasters this summer so I am just scared. pic of my daughter for attention