Constant groin and pelvis pain


I’m almost 22 weeks and since about 18 weeks I’ve been in constant, 24/7 pain in my groin/pelvis area. It’s getting harder to walk without wanting to cry. I had sever back pain and pressure in my pelvis around 18 weeks, went to the ER and they said everything is normal and it’s just rlp. I’ve seen my midwife since then and she says it’s normal. I’m going to start putting ice down there cause I need some relief and I don’t know what else to do.

So question is, because docs say this is “normal” for me...has anyone else gone through this? What are some options for pain relief? I literally can’t walk more than 5 minutes without being in serious pain. :( I need help so I’m not completely miserable. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when I’m bigger.