My best friend (the guy I like) likes my other best friend HELP!


So last summer there was a boy I go camping with and last October I told him I liked him and he said the same so we had a thing until January when he asked me out and we broke up a mouth after because his sister was dating my brother I never stopped liking him and he moved on and dated other girls but we still talked we still did physical stuff together and we still sexted and stuff when he wasn’t dating anyone (I never dated anyone) but now he has a thing (they like each other) with one of my best friends and last week he told me he never stopped liking me we both know we love each other because we’re best friends but I’ve liked him for so long and he still likes me but he’s still has a thing with one of my best friends I’m happy they’re happy but it still hurts so I have no idea what to do please tell me honestly your opinion