Hello. I really need your opinions ladies, moms to be. At 32 weeks and 3 days of my pregency, the doctor told me that my baby girl is not gaining much weight, low/poor fetal growth. she weighted only 3 Ibs and 9 oz. I told him she still has time, and that she might just be small in size. But looking with my medical history (gestational diabetes, and placenta not working well), that he wants me to deliver at 37 weeks, ev her water, breathing, and movements are all good and healthy. I mean, have any of you experience low weight for their baby at 32 weeks, and still deliver at or around due date, but not early? Also when the baby came, was she or he weighting as the doc said, or there was +/- pounds? I just need assurance that she doesn't have to come early, and that she still have time to put on extra pounds