Moms on their 2nd or 3rd baby...question


I keep hearing after your first subsequent babies will not always go 40 weeks and labor is generally speaking faster. I know there’s still

Plenty that even bake longer than their first babies did before being born and I know every pregnancy is different. I’m 36 week with my second and this pregnancy has caused me so much physical

Pain (pelvic girdle/symphasis pubis) I cant walk by the end of day, it’s excruciating, I can’t take my own pants off, the baby has been head down since approx 20 weeks and the vaginal pain is out of this world. I am literally moving at a glacial pace. Medically, I’m healthy. I’m just in pain. I will be receiving a growth scan Monday to assess size bc my first was not on the huge side but big. I had her at 40’weeks (induced). What is the likelihood I could go into labor naturally...EARLIER than 40’weeks with this one? I did not have these pains with my first. I have BH all the time, period cramps, increase discharge but nothing ever comes of it. My gut (which means nothing lol) tells me this one will come any day but I’m sure that’s just because I’m hanging on to every pain, contraction as “this is it!” When deep down I know 36 is too early yet. Help! I’m miserable!