Drama overload

So yesterday so much had happened. My boyfriend came over at 9 am and he knew I just got payed and he took my wallet and seen my ultrasound pictures and took one and then took 150 bucks from me with out asking . And we were just there like we always are and just cuddle and shit. When he left he texted me once and then went to work he gets off at 12 at night and so I was waiting for him to come back to see me and it never happened so I was like mad and so I texted the people he stays with and let them know he took from me so I was gonna call the cops. He ended up texting me hella shit and said well if your gonna do that shit to me I’m done and then said I found someone and your just mad which I didn’t even know he did. So I was like fuck this called the cops and they came I was bawling my eyes out cause I didn’t wanna do that to someone I’ve been with for over a year and the cop ended up going to get him and took him in and brought back 40$ to me. And a week ago I had my first OB appointment and I thought I was 13 weeks because that’s what they told me at the health department but from my ultrasound I ended up being 15. Ok this is another story I was with him in Kentucky until March 28 I ended up leaving to come back to Florida and I got with another guy on April 11. This whole time we thought it was the other dudes but we looked back on the calendar and I wasn’t even with the other dude 15 weeks ago. So I’m stressed tf out because I just sent my boyfriend to jail and now ends up he is the father... and yesterday when he came over and saw my pictures I explained to him that I was further along than what I thought I was so he was wondering if it was his or not and now I know it is and I know he would be there knowing it was his but now that I called the cops on him I’m not allowed to contact him and idk what to do or feel