15 and pregnant, birth story (shortened)


i was due 30th June, but I was late :( booked in to be induced on July 12th, but on Wednesday 11th July, I started having contractions at around 8.20. At 12.30 I finally made a move to hospital, my cervix got checked at around 3 and I was 2cm :( I had no show or anything so I left, before i left, I went to the toilet... and felt something, I wiped and it was my plug, weird colour... then my waters broke before I could even leave the hospital! I went back upstairs to the delivery suite and showed them my pad... it was my waters but with meconium! My baby had pood in me! I got moved down to another ward and they monitored me, my cervix only opened another 2cm, to 4cm by the time it was 8am Thursday morning, so they put me on a hormone drip and tried to speed things up... after a long and painful wait, I was finally 10cm at around 4pm that day, they waited an hour until i started to push... 1 hour in and nothing, she was just in the birth canal, the doctors came in and I had to have suction to get her out, it was absolutely terrifying! This caused me to have a second degree tear, finally she was here at 7.27pm, while i was being sewn up she was weighed and it turned out she weight 8lb 6oz! Wow!

I’m in absolute awe of her, my beautiful baby girl! The sleepless nights and sore boobs are difficult but so worth it. Doing it on my own in hospital as a single mummy but family are a massive help when visiting hours are.

Welcome to the world, Maci 💗