Laura • Married mommy of 5

I have had no energy what so ever or time to practice putting on makeup. Before I was married it was done perfect all the time the way I liked it. I had it done for my waitressing jobs and before my kids got up for school now I feel like I'm getting lazy. I had my one year old girl and the only times I got "pretty" was for a family function hubby side or if he had to meet a client for work purposes or if he had potential clients to meet. He remodels houses for a living. But with this pregnancy I barley go anywhere and I barley dress up for him anymore. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and he tells me I'm beautiful all the time which is amazing to have someone so supportive and telling me that I'm growing another child for him and that I shouldn't worry about makeup and crap like that but for me I feel like I'm being lazy. I always had my hair done and nails done and makeup done. Had different colors but he told me my natural color looks neat on me. I loved being a red head though. I guess I got lazy because I feel like I don't need to impress anyone but him. 😞 but I'm lazy when it comes to getting ready for anything.