Do not try on hats or big heads at stores.

Every time my boyfriend and i go to the store he tries on hats and those big costume head things(bears,bunnies,etc) And i always tell him not to because that's how you get lice. WELL GUESS WHO'S RIGHT AND IS NOW PAYING FOR THE BEAR HEAD YOU JUST HAD TO TRY ON. 😡😡 i have a major bug phobia and this has not been ok for me at all. But, I'm claiming a small victory in the fact that i only had one breakdown about it. And something funny did happen that made it slightly better. My dad boiled all the stuff i use in my hair including my brush. Well the water boiled out of the pot and he melted my damn brush,ruined his pot, and stunk up the whole damn house and since i just bought a clean brush he thought i was gonna be pissed as hell and was confused when i just laughed 🤣🤣🤣