Hyperthyroidism and my baby 😞


so my pregnancy was really rough! I had gestational hypertension caused by DVT blood clots in my femoral artery. I also have graves disease which caused me to have hyperthyroidism even before I got pregnant.

A'Dream was tested for the thyroid issues because we have not been able to control mine at all and I may have to have my thyroid removed because of it. The test results showed that my thyroid antibodies crossed the placenta and she tested positive for these antibodies also. This means she may or may not have hyperthyroidism as well as a result and I now have to take her to an endocrinologist to have more tests done. I'm now a complete nervous wreck and I feel terrible for passing this disease to her. this disease is horrible and has been ruining my life for the last year and a half. The doctor's also told me that this is the reason she was IUGR and is having very slow weight gain.

Did anyone else have this issue in the past? what was the outcome for your baby?

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