Advice Please! Help!

I LOVE my father, he is best thing in world to me. I can always look back on memories we have they honestly make me cry (possibly hormones or just a simple Daddy’s girl syndrome) they are just the fondness memories and I couldn’t ask for a better dad.

I have not announced to him yet, I told my mother separately and they told each grandmothers separately as well (grandparents have passed)

I am debating on how to announce, I do not know the gender as of yet and doubt anyone will tell me. I do have another OB visit scheduled because I did not like my last one and the picture they gave me was cut off. I wanted a full body, my father deserve the best picture it’s his first grandchild.

Since I learned how to use computers him and I are always making PowerPoints and pictures videos to go with lovely songs, I have asked my mother to send me photos that she have of just him and I and create our video 🙂.

I need help with find the perfect song, my dad is just a perfect man and we also do have a love for music. Any song suggestions that meaningful for a father daughter video/ You’re going to be a Grandpa video?