I should have known, don’t tell people you’re TTC! 🤦‍♀️🙄


So I was hanging out it my mom a few weekends ago and I told her my husband and I wanted to have another baby! I hadn’t planned on telling her but I was just too excited and kinda blurted it out in the moment. I didn’t think she would be annoying about it or upset I figured she’d be happy. When I told her She was just like “oh cool” not quite what I expected but I knew she wouldn’t be jumping up and down. But still a little odd. I kept talking about it the next few days and she still never said much. It was all just a little odd to me.

Then a Few weeks later I ask my brother if he knew of any good hospitals in my area, he’s a firefighter/emt. I explained why I was asking and ended up telling him we’re TTC too. And he was more encouraging than my mom. Then as we kept talking I said something about how mom reacted and he said, “yeah mom thinks your house is too small for you to have another baby, mainly the kitchen is too small”

🤨 what?! Well first off I asked her not to tell anyone! 😒 and second We have a 4 bedroom house! It’s not a large 4bedroom but still it’s bigger than the house I grew up in and there were 4 of us kids in a tiny 3 bedroom house! And Yes the kitchen is small but is the baby going to be in there all day?! NO!

So yeah idk my mom is one of those people that doesn’t always voice her opinion but I know if she says nothing that that’s not good either. I mean my mom and I have always been close and I’ve always been able to tell her everything but I’m just shocked...that the silliest reason to not have another baby. My husband and I only have 1 daughter now so our house will fit 4 people just fine.

So yeah I should have gone with my first unstinted and just not told anyone. Cause now I’m just kinda annoyed with my mom. 🙄

I hope other people have had better responses to TTC.