ultrasound markers


Hello, I'm looking for anyone with similar experience, advice & insight on the below issue.

I'm 22 weeks & 2 days. Age 34. Until yesterday, all ultrasounds & appointments were normal.

I had an ultasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine. No prior issues known. I thought I was going in for a routine ultasound.

I was informed baby has brain cyst, choroid plexus cyst and was told it not uncommon and normally when it's by itself is a normal variance that goes away with time and causes no further issue.

However, the brain cyst, doc said, was the least of the worries.

Doc also noticed for the first time a

a ventricular septal defect (VSD) as the first heart issue and the second is an overriding aorta which when combed with the cyst are markers for trisomy 18. The confusing part is I did the blood genetic testing for trisomy 18 and it was negative.

It's now recommended the I do an amniocentesis to test for trisomy 18.

Following up with heart specialist next week.

Does anyone have a similar experience? insight,tips or advice?