In desperate need of marriage advice

I need a little advice... my husband wont help me keep a clean home. I come from a very clean family, but my husband did not... his mom is litterally a hoarder who let's cats pee and vomit all over her house. I feel like I clean something, and 20 mins later it's worse than before... he also thinks that days off mean he gets to lay around and do nothing.

I'm really struggling with this part of our relationship, because in order to keep my depression and anxiety under control, I need a clean home... it's always a nightmare in here to me... I feel crushed and like giving up when this should be my sanctuary. We are also trying to have our first baby, and I want them to grow up in a clean & tidy home... I just get zero help and I do all of our cooking (we both work full time).

I have tried talking to him, and he helps the day we talk, then it goes back to the way it was. My mom has suggested staying with her for a few weeks to scare him into actually contributing, but I dont know if that is a good solution. I dont know what to do...