6 days late.. had protected sex.HELP

I had protected sex 3 times since my last period (June 10). Tomorrow will be July 15 and I don’t feel like I’m getting my period at all. I’m so so so scared, im pretty sure the condoms didn’t break.. i thought I checked after and everything looked fine?? Then again I’m not so sure? Please can someone help me? I’m going to spain on tuesday for 2 weeks and I don’t get back home until August 9, so I don’t know what to do and I’m also terrified to take a test UNTIL I get to spain. I’m with my parents all the time right now and it’s so hard to sneak out. I’m not near home right now but if i were this would be so much easier. Please someone help me I’m only 16 and cannot have a baby right now and I regret having sex at all. Btw, I’m also NEVER late! Never more than 5 days!!