Im falling for my best friend🙊: Update

So this update was to long so I had to make a new post but heres a link to my old post if you havn't seen it.

What are your thoughts on this topic?: Im falling for my best friend🙊

So I didn't exactly tell him that I had feelings for him but by the questions I have been asking him, he knew that I was starting to fall for him so I told him I wasn't but that was a good thing because he was saying that he didn't want a relationship right now because he sees what his family & friends go through & he doesn't want that & he doesn't want to get hurt again because him ex really did him dirty. But after what happened the other day I wish we were a couple big time.

Now for the good part. We have only had sex in a car so when my mom went to work he came over & when we got in my room he was like get naked. I got really shy because I'm insecure about my body & he has only seen me in the dark so he doesn't see my stretch marks or my love handles which I hate, but he reassured me by telling me he also had stretch marks & it made me feel a little better.

I went on ahead & stripped for him & he went down on me till I was good & I returned the favor. Then he put on his condom & we started to have sex but he didn't like how my bed would sink down so we got on the floor. He held my legs up so that he could get as deep as he could & when I say he fucked me really good he did. He had my legs shaking & my inner thighs started to hurt because he had my legs so high & wide & I was like can we take a break & he would keep going & say no & I would roll my eyes & whine jokingly but then he had me back to moaning. My favorite part of us having sex was when he started kissing/sucking on my neck & then started whispering in my ears it just turned me on even more & made me want him even more.

(Side note I always wanted BDSM & to be punished when I didn't call my Daddy sir) When he was whispering in my ear he was like, Do you like this baby? I would moan & say y-yes & then he would say, say yes daddy, so when he would ask me & I would say yes he would be like yes what & start fucking me harder. Then we decided to switch things us so he told me to get on top. It was so hard because my legs were sore, it would hurt to straddle him & on top of that my legs were shaking. After him rushing me I finally got on top of him & started riding but it didn't feel like anything on either side so we went back to him on top. After about 1 1/2 hours we stopped because I kept squirming & he still hadn't cum. He was fine with that because he got me to finish a bunch of times. (He released the day before so he would last longer for me but we stopped because I thought he would never cum lol)He told me to get on the bed & as I got on he would smack my ass & I would lay on the bed & he would get on top of me & we would lock hands. He got off & I was on his lap & he was rocking me like a baby.

I just felt like he was going to drop me so I told him you better not drop me & when he was rocking be rocked too much & lost balance & I fell on the side of the bed that had my suitcase & clothes baskets & they hurt so bad. He started laughing & was like I didn't think you would fall. I acted like I was mad & he's like come here baby & helps me up & starts kissing me. We were both still naked & so I lay down & he cuddles me.

My ass was on his dick & his head was on my shoulder & his arms were wrapped around me & we were holdings hands. It was just relaxing & I felt safe in his arms so I closed my eyes to get the full experience. He thought I was sleep so he tried to wake me up & I just started laughing. As we laid there the tv was on & he was like this is how it would be if we were married. I was like we would be naked & he's like yes & I just start smiling hard. I started rubbing my legs up and down on his & he's like dang your so much lighter than me & I started laughing. Then he started kissing my back & he's like your really smooth & I'm like whatever & he's like I would wake you up like this every morning & he keeps kissing me & smacks my ass. Then he was like if I lived here when your mom would go to work I would come to your room & fuck you all the time. (Very soon I'll be out my mom's & he can fuck me when he wants) I started getting cold & we put the cover over us & we just lay there in silence cuddling then he started rubbing his penis on my butt & I turn so fast & we just hug cuddle & he kisses my forehead.

After about 30 minutes it was time for me to go to work so we both got up and he followed me in the bathroom and at first we had his arms around me and we were just looking at each other in the mirror and he's like awwe look at us and next thing you know he starts rubbing my clit and I go crazy and I'm like no stop I need to take a wash off so he stops and just keeps his arouds around me while I put water in the sink with some soap and I get my towel and he's just standing behind me and I'm like are you gonna move and he's like no I don't care if I get wet so I start washing under my arms and he's like okay ill just play with your ass and he's smacking it and everything and then I put on my bra and I'm showing him how to hook it now that were in light and he can see and hes like he's hungry so we go to the kitchen and were just standing there looking at the drinks and out of no where he starts rubbing my clit again and I have to grab the wall and I start moaning and then I snap out of it and I grab his hands and hold them as we walk back to the bathroom and then I start washing my vagina and he sat down behind me and I guess I was splashing water on him so he got up and the stuff I used to clean my vagina he liked the smell so he smells my vagina inside of smelling the bottle I don't know why and so when I'm done I'm like dang I should have used the bathroom first and so I'm pushing him out so I can use the bathroom and he's like you act like I have never seen you naked before and so he stays in there while I pee and at first it was awkard for me but then I just embraced it and clean myself again and I put on my underwear and I start brushing my teeth again and he's like if we were married I would fuck you in the morning while you were brushing your teeth and so he was showing me what he would do.

I was just look at him in the mirror and when he stopped I pushes my butt on him and he's like ooo she wants more and I would just laugh. So once I if wished all they I went to put on my work shirt and he started to button it for me but he couldn't do it facing me so he got behind me and did it but the buttons aren't the same for a guy so I just did it myself and then I put on the rest of my clothes and he put on his and he kisses me before he went out the back door and I went out the front and he threw away his trash and I was walking to my car and he was like have a great rest of your day and I was like you to sir and it just made me so happy because we were acting as if we weren't just with each other for 3 hours.


So today he came over and we shower together so that was fun... Then we started to do a new position with my butt up and the rest of my body down and he was just rubbing his penis on my vagina and all of a sudden my vagina starts farting a lot and I freak out and roll over and I was like was that me and he was like yeah and I was like that's so disgusting it came from my vagina and we both start laughing and I was like that's never happened before ( I was kinda embarrassed ) and he was like really and I was like yeah and we just sat there cuddling and laughing and I was like I want it all out so we got back in the position and just let the queefing begin😂😂

Then he was saying something about us being in a relationship and I was like I'm just waiting on you and I walked off... Maybe he's finally coming around. All I can do is keep hoping!