I need to vent!

My husband is military and is currently away for the next few months. I am pregnant and have a 15 month old. So clearly I am exhausted. My 20 year old brother is living with me and has been for 3 months... he plays video games all night and sleeps all day. Fine, I don’t even care. Except that even though he has a job, he has no vehicle or anything else for that matter. I pay for all of his stuff and he lives here rent free. It isn’t like we have all the money in the world especially with a new baby on the way. On top of us moving overseas in 4 months. All night he yells at his video games(or should I say my video games) and keeps my baby up. For MONTHS I have yelled at him to shut the hell up and stop yelling all the time! All night meaning it is literally 3 AM and I am putting my son to sleep for the 4th damn time tonight! My asshole brother takes my car whenever the hell he wants and eats fucking EVERYTHING! But I won’t kick him out because A. He would legit have no where to go because he has no education (HS drop out) and no vehicle and has lived with everyone and fucked it up. And B. I don’t like being in a house alone. He is lazy so he won’t get his GED and he does have a job but it’s at KFC and has legit worked there for a week. In the last 3 months he has had 3 jobs all lasting at tops a week and a half. Literally. I am just done! I have a lot of crap on my plate and I am now dealing with a grown ass baby. Immature, irresponsible, lazy, loud ass brother of mine who I have too big of a heart to kick the fuck out because I won’t let him be on the streets again. He also is bi polar so his moods are iffy and he doesn’t listen to me worth Shit. Anyway I just needed to vent since my husband is forever away and can’t text right now. So thanks for reading.