How old do I look?


Just by these three pictures how old do you think I am? I’ll say how old I actually am after the last one.

So I’m actually 14 (15 at the end of August). I’m asking because I constantly get asked if I’m 16 or 17, sometimes even 18.

I went into a winery with my dad and we wanted to get something special for my mom. The guy helping us asked me what kind of wine she drinks and I said I don’t know anything about alcohol. He said something about not being surprised because I’m “only 17 or 16”. I was shocked he thought I looked that old.

Another time was I went to a therapist who asked if I was a junior or senior in high school. When I told him I was a sophomore (I’m a grade above most kids my age) he was shocked.

So do I actually look older or do people just say that? 😂