High-risk pregnancy appt today and I feel like shit

Michelle • 🏳️‍🌈💚💜

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Today I had an appt to meet with the Ob to discuss my “high-risk” pregnancy.

I understand they have to inform you of the risks and walk you through the way they will manage your pregnancy to make sure you and baby are healthy the whole time, but honestly it was the most depressing visit. My first visit to the fertility specialist I find out I have PCOS (though I wasn’t very surprised). Then I go to this high-risk appointment and he spends 45 kind tells me about how HBP isn’t good for me or he baby and preeclampsia/diabetes risks. How I will need extra ultrasounds and how hey will induce me if I don’t deliver by 38 weeks and all these extra tests and procedures.

Then of course go through the whole reminder of making sure I’m managing my mental health while I’m pregnant because I’m off my meds. And then he starts in on the fact that the only safe way to truly reduce the risks is to lose weight. So I start crying because all the weight I gained is from the stupid medicine. And he’s like we’re not here to place blame, but of course I still left feeling like shit. I workout 2-4 times a week and eat pretty healthy. I’ve made a lot of diet changes to get healthier, specifically to TTC. But I gained a lot of weight from medicine and that feels so unfair.

Now I’m eating unhealthy snacks and feeling bad about myself. Any kind words are welcome, if you have anything negative to say o shove it. TTC is hard enough without being fat shamed.

Have any of you Ladies had an appointment like this? For my plus size ladies and ladies with PCOS what has your TTC/pregnancy journey been like?? Please tell me it’s not as hard as they are making me feel I will be.