TTC newbie


My husband and I have decided to start trying.

I have been on the pill for over 10 years and stopped it about a month ago.

Shortly after stopping I got my first period on 6/26.

According to glow I should have then ovulated 7/10.

I took OPKs on 7/9 to confirm and it was positive. I assumed I was ovulating.

My husband and I actually were not able to DTD during that week so I figured we would try in August.

My period would be expected to be here on 7/24.

This week I felt strange so I decided to take an OPK which was faint. Have been taking them for 3 days now and got BFPs yesterday and today.

We DTD Monday and last night. I have been having ALOT of the raw egg white/stretchy type of fertile mucus.

I am worried this is just a pre-period LH surge and we have no shot.

What are the chances we could have conceived on the dates we had sex, and how long should I wait to test!?!!