37+5 so close!!!

Lauren. • 28 years old. Happily married since 6/21/14. Loving being a mommy to my 2 amazing daughters!

I’m 37+5 with baby girl number two, and I’m so excited and ready for her to come out! I’m stuck at 1cm (which who knows how long I could have been there since it’s my second...), and baby is still pretty high. I’ve been planning a repeat c-section all along, and so far it seems like the right choice based on the lack of progress. Assuming I don’t go early, I have 11 days left!!! I decided my little lady needed a few special swaddles that hadn’t been used by big sis, and I found the cutest little things for only 10 dollars each!! Oh, and a super cute bow!

So excited to meet this little lady!