Wondering if anyone can confirm what I’m seeing? AF is due tomorrow, but while in Vaca (with my boyfriends huge extended family) I have felt off all week. I thought I was getting sick but then the waves of nausea got me so bad the last two nights I started to wonder. I snuck off to CVS and grabbed a box of tests and hid in the bathroom in the condo and poas lol.

In person the line is there, faint, but there.

I haven’t told him. And now I’m not sure I will sleep tonight waiting for that FMU test to take.

But the line... am I crazy?? (Tweaked to help t glow). Also, FYI, I’m turning 37 on the 29th, and between my bf and I, we have four kids... 13, 11, and two 8 year olds. This is gonna be crazy isn’t it?!