Should I cut ties?

So, I’ve been seeing this guy for a little over a 2 months now and we’ve already had some big problems. First off, I had a pregnancy scare with him and he later told me he was fixed so he couldn’t have kids (later found out my period was late due to stress) he explained that he didn’t tell me because he was afraid I’d leave him at the beginning of the relationship, so I let that one go. Then for the pst few days he’s been talking about his ex and how she cheated on him after 15 years of them being together and he literally took me to the place where he caught her 😂 I have tried to be so patient and I was I said nothing I just listened to him. Then today he tells me that he still has feelings for her because after 15 years they don’t just go away which I guess is understandable and he said they aren’t feelings like he wants her back. I’m just thinking to myself like why tf would you move on knowing you’re still hung up on her? Maybe I’m just trippin? Should I cut ties?