Should I tell him at work, or wait?

Jessica • 29, Married. FTM to Sebastián James 11.30.19.

Backstory. Not pregnant yet, rather that I know, in my tww for the 19th damn month in a row.

Which is why I want to ask this now, because I want my husband to be the first to know when we finally are, not a bunch of internet ladies (no offense, Love this app)

We work at the same place.

Both chefs

But he works the morning shift (goes in at 8 or 9 am)

And I work the night shift (2pm to close)

We do overlap for a few hours, he leaves when dinner business slows down (he works 10-12 hr days)

But gets home a few hours before me.

Obviously I take my tests with fmu, but usually after he leaves for work. I definitely want to take my tests alone and surprise him.

Question is, do I set up a whole surprise in the car at work and then go get him and bring him out mid afternoon?

Or should I try my best to hold it in and set up a small surprise when I get home?

I don’t want to set it up before I leave for work because then i won’t get to see his reaction.

Also I’m the worst at keeping secrets.

But I don’t necessarily want everyone at work to know that early on, just in case, and everyone at work loves us as a couple and word would spread like fire.

But I don’t know if i would be capable of playing cool for my entire shift and not blowing it and just telling him when I have this whole set up planned.

Please help!!!

What seems like the best thing to do???l

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