ttc conceive for almost 8 years

Amanda • Amanda mother of two and trying for number 3

hi everyone I am almost 37.

I have been trying to conceive for almost eight years I have had 2 misscarriges most recent was a year ago. I have hashimotos dose anyone else have hashimotos and have trouble? there is a possibility that I misscarried a couple of months ago but I didnt have an obyn to confirm it but another doctor said it sounded like I did when I said I had clots almost the size of my fists and my period felt just like the last misscarrige I had last year. I would love to make some friends I've been trying to track my cycle but it gets compliant so my doctor suggested and app and i found this one.

my opk tests have been positive this past week to current and my thyroid level is normal so we have our fingers cross this will be the month.