Worried to share my child

I’m worried to share my baby because she’ll be born in November which is peak cold and flu season and on top of that I keep seeing stories pop up of babies passing away because of preventable diseases due to people not getting vaccinated and also people not vaccinating their kids. Does anyone else feel this way? I’m so worried because my fiancé has a big family and usually around Christmas they all have a big family get together and I don’t want to bring my baby to it because I’m worried she’ll get sick. And I know my fiancé might be upset about it because his family will probably see it as me trying to withhold our child from them but it’s not that. I know his family loves babies and loves holding them but I don’t want my baby passed around and being touched and breathed on by people. And of course his family will probably say “but so and so brought their baby over and had everyone hold them and they’re just fine” but this is my first child, and we tried for her for 2 and a half long years and I’m terrified for anything to happen to her. On top of that we live in Alaska and we live 30 miles away from where the family christmas’ are normally held. So I also don’t feel comfortable driving in the snowy weather with her just to go visit. Am I crazy for feeling this way? Am I worrying for no reason?