I don’t think it’s meant to be 😢


I’m feeling so down today. My cycles are usually 28 days, give or take a day or two! Well this month she never arrived, usually by cd 28 I am at least spotting. I told myself not to get excited as I know how this goes, but couldn’t help myself! Today is cd30 this morning when I went to the toilet.... nothing! Told myself if she’s not here by Sunday evening I will test. Well I’ve just been to the bathroom and the spotting has started! I’m so upset, trying my hardest to fight back the tears as I know I’m getting a parcel delivered soon and the last thing the driver wants is a sobbing lady answering the door! I just hoped that this was really it! 😢. I’m sorry for the negative post as I know you ladies are going through the same emotions ❤️❤️