Layla-Mae • 🌸Twins Due March2019🌸

Oh my god everyone today I had my early scan, and the nurse looked so confused at the screen biting her lip and I asked her in shock “is everything okay?” And she responded “there’s two pregnancies” I shouted THERES TWINS!!?? And she said yes I burst out crying hysterically sobbing IM HAVING TWINS!? I cried non stop until a lady came into the room and said is everything okay? And I just thought oh wow I should be quiet haha. I did not get a scan photo as they are no longer allowed to give them out.

They measure at 5 weeks 5 days and 5 weeks 3 days! Both babies are healthy and I’m looking forward to the future!

A conversation with my partner last night! He will be in for a shock when he calls me on his lunch break haha.

I told him over the phone and this is the text I get back ha oops