Baby Mama Trouble 😳👀

Okay guys let me know if I’m just being crazy here 🤔 I’m also on anonymous because there’s just some people you can’t please sometimes. Anyways, so my SO’s baby mother has been crazy about my SO since day one. She literally got off of birth control without telling him so she could have his baby, and they were never dating just FWB.

But whatever, my SO took full responsibility for it and we have her full time. We’ve been together for a couple years now and plan on getting married and we just found out I’m pregnant!

But now to the point of where I can’t tell if I’m just exaggerating or not.

She’s been texting him hearts and weird stuff just to get underneath my skin. He never responds to her but she keeps doing it.

She posts on his Facebook page literally everyday 🤔 and it’s always pictures of his daughter with her but it’s not just one picture a day it’s like 7 and they’re more like selfies of her with his daughter in the background.

She also has another kid with her ex husband and she NEVER posts on his page, even if it’s about their son.

She found out I’m pregnant through the grape vine and I literally think she’s just trying to get a reaction from me.

I don’t know. Am I just being hormonal and crazy and have no reason to get frustrated?