Deep cleaned my apartment. Learned I have hoarder tendencies

I come from a LONG line of hoarders. My aunt had to move out of her home because it was so full. My grandad (rest in peace) hoarder tools for 50 straight years... etc etc.. I could think of more but super tired. Anyways. I didn't think I had this issue until I started cleaning. I set out with the mindset of if I haven't touched it in a year it's being sold/donated/or tossed. Clothes, games, cords, anything and everything. I started and decided to not even look through the drawers that I haven't opened since I have lived here and man the anxiety was out of this world to the point I have been having to take breaks just to calm down. I've been pushing through and my kitchen is now currently full of things for my yard sale 😊. Yay!!