Cutting hair

I took my little cousin to get her hair cut at a salon.

When we got there everything was fine.

The lady started to do my cousins hair then stopped,

And looked straight at me.

I was like ‘why is she looking at me like that?’😂😂

Then all of a sudden,

The lady starts saying

‘No. No. No’

And im thinking ‘what’s wrong?’

Then to my suprise ,

The lady calls me over so i get up and go see what’s wrong.

Then the lady looks at me dead in the eye and says,

‘I’m not doing her hair (my cousins hair)’

And so I’m like ,

‘Why not? What’s wrong?’

Then the lady turns around,

Calls another lady and shows her my cousins hair.

Then they both turn to me and say,

‘No no no. She has headlice. We are not doing her hair’

Then they both start saying

‘No no no.’ And flicking her hair around.

I was so shocked because the day before,

I had looked at my cousins hair and checked twice for headlice and there was none.

I was also shocked because the lady obviously didn’t care that i had already payed and waited 3 hours to get to our turn in the salon.

I’m pretty sure the woman was being lazy because she obviously has had other patients with headlice too. But every time i go by the salon,

I always see her still cutting their hair.

Anyways, i was getting really mad at the way the way the lady was treating my little cousin and that i had left work early and stayed 1 1/2 hours in traffic.

So i look up to the lady and i’m like,

‘My bad. I thought this was a hair cutting salon. Not a room full of bitches.’

I got my bag, took my money outta the women’s hand, because the whole time she had my money in her hand.

Then i left.