Help needed ....


Any help at understanding my chart would be appreciated :) it looks all over the place to me.

I recently purchased the Ava so I just put a random time for the testing the same each day because I’m not sure the exact time it takes. I wasn’t good at testing prior so I don’t have a months worth of data yet.

I also input into ff because I have been told it’s better, but I don’t have a cover line ... how do I get it on there/is it supposed to be automatic?

**update** I contacted support and my Ava is set up right, I also started wearing my Ava lower on my arm/right fit and have worn it each night on the same count band link (suggested by them for a steady reading each night) and I still have another large temp drop - in my leutal phase .. what’s wrong with me, I’m starting to worry!! 😫😫