well ik this is crazy but the father of my child made me so angry he only wanna fight and say this baby not his so long story short he got disrespectful pushed me aggressively held me down my lip got busted and I'm 32 weeks pregnant I ran and chased him down the street with a butcher knife cause he then tried to break my car and house windows while my kids was around..... then I started having pains in my pelvic area and dropped to my knees and cried and couldn't move... then I tried to drive away from him he jumps on top of my car while my kids under the age of 6 was in the car terrified to death.. if u ask my 2 year old what does mommy and daddy do she says fight and shake her head😢😢😢😢... then today I drop his clothes off at his mom house no drama and he make her come to my car and she has a hammer in her hand and wanted to fight me alone with his sister... I'm so stressed this pregnancy and sad I take pills for depression and I just can't believe this is happening ladies please GIVE ME SOME ADVICE........ UPDATE:: HE'S SAYING HE'S GONNA TAKE ME TO COURT FOR MY KIDS AND HE LEFT HORRIBLE VOICEMAILS ABOUT MY 7 AND 6 YEAR OLD THAT'S NOT HIS CALLING RHEM BITCHES