Wedding Shower Etiquette


Hello all!

Not sure where to post this but...

I am in need of some advice. I recently went to a friends bridal shower which was 2.5 hours away from my home. After the wedding shower I got a text from the brides mom asking for money for the food. I never agreed to pay beforehand, and after asking my other friends who attended they said they were not asked for money. I am not even apart of the bridal party. What do you guys think? Should I pay the $50 and not do a wedding gift? I’m not even sure how to respond because I’m still in shock honestly.

Edit; I have been best friends with the bride for about 10 years. Her parents are very wealthy as is she so I know they can afford the food. I was asked months ago to help pay to which I declined. Im not part of the bridal party so I didn’t feel like I should help pay for something when I’m just a guest.