My Thoughts on TTC Currently


Funny how my whole life I was preventing pregnancy and now I can't even get pregnant. I would have never in my wildest dreams, dreamt it would be this hard to just get pregnant. Funny how as you get older your chances to conceive get lower and lower, but when you are a teenager, your chances of conceiving are the highest, but they always told you not to get pregnant as a teenager. Hmmmm, I did this all wrong. Ya, I probably would be a single mom, but at least I would be a mom. Ya, I am sure it would be tough (props to the moms that do it by themselves because you are badasses), but at least I would have the best miracle in life. I am just at the point that I literally would do anything to just get a baby. It is something I always dreamt of my entire life and even though I was young and the timing wasn't right when I was a teenager, I am starting to regret preventing pregnancy all those years. Not sure if it really would have changed anything, but when you are 30 and you have yet to conceive your first child, you start to realize you only have 5 more years where your chances to get pregnant drop drastically, so it's terrifying because I may never be a mom and I am not sure how to be okay with that. Scared Shitless! 😔