Scared to go to doctor

I've been having pain near my armpit/upper breast for about 2 months. I first noticed it was like a dull ache and I dismissed it as some random soreness. But then a few weeks ago, I really started noticing it more and I became suspicious. In the last week it's been more painful and I feel like I can feel swollen lymph nodes below the surface. Other than the swollen/painful lymph nodes near my breast, the only other symptom I have is extreme fatigue. Otherwise I feel normal. Obviously after a Google search, now I'm worried that something is really really wrong... but I just dont know. I'm scared to go to the doctor, but I did make an appointment for tomorrow. I've been putting it off because I'm still making payments on several medical bills for my son and I just can't afford any more right now, even with insurance. Ugh... Has anyone ever experienced this type of pain or swollen lymph nodes in that area? Any idea what could be going on? Right now I'm feeling very "worst case scenario" and need a little optimism.