my own controversial thoughts

soo ive lived w my boyfriend for nearly 7 months now , along w him is his dad .. much older man , which i didnt really mind for bc he swore we’d eventually move out on our own ... anyways , we live in a tony back complex w one bedroom small kitchen & living room .. bathroom is inaide our room & his dad sleeps in the living room .. well for one im going on a lil rant rn , my bf & i sleep in the room & we close the door .. so sometimes we’ll be getting intimate & booom his dad will just come storming in w/o knocking or anything & its happened maybe 4 times where were naked & he comes in , anyway ... my bf works early shifts sometimes leaves at 3/4 in the morning , so when he leaves he’ll leave the door closed as im sleeping alone in the room .. well as soon as he leaves the house his dad will come & open the door & leave it completely open , leave the light on & make so much noise (early in the morning , while im trying to fall back asleep) while im in the room alone , i just feel like it is sooo annoying to me that he does this.. am i over reacting? i feel like i have no privacy bc his dad does that .. mind you they share clothes so they’re folded together & put away in a seperate shelf from my clothes ... well one time i seen his dad looking for his clothes IN MY closet space & it made me uncomfortable ... am i over reacting? or am i right to feel uncomfortable?