bad mom????


So my husband and I are moving to Houston around the time the new school year starts, so I figured my children and I would stay with my parents out of state since I havent stayed for more than a day at a time for the past 10yrs. My kids visit on long school breaks but thats it (and during that time I usually stay home with the husband so we can have some alone time.

I have 3 kids - 8yr old girl, a newly 3yo boy, and another boy who just turned 2. My daughter is fine going to sleep over here, but my two toddlers give me hell. They are so used to their bed and how routine at home (things at my parents are completely different btw,, and my older brother still lives with them.

He snapped on me for letting the kids climb over his suitcase full of clothes that were in MY old room, and caused a whole scene for 3 days. He highly exaggerates things, or completely lies so its hard to know with him.When he was mad, he said I was a bad parent bc I. dont "discipline" my kids. I DO discipline my kids, and sometimes I feel like I've been too hard on then. Hes Never seen me with my kids really since I dont come to this place often...and said that I let them stay up all night and this and that. They've been very active since we got here, and cant sleep if not in their own bed. Its been like 11 when I finally get them down. it's made me feel like a bad mom but I know deep down thats not true. He just says the ugliest things when he gets off on these rants.

How are your kids with sleeping and out of town? My 8yo is fine with sleeping but not my toddlers. They passed out at 8:30 or 9 tonight but still. There is SO much for them to get into here-- very cluttered at my parents house. I hate clutter, and so my house has always been very clean and in order. we have our own routine at home but here I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind!!! I should know what he is saying is just trying to get at me, but I still shake what he said. He has no kids of his own, is a druggie, and is a compulsive liar. He has never been around kids as besides my kids. Advice on things that can help, anything!!