How can I stay the night with my boyfriend without our parents knowing

Ok so long post gonna try and keep it short as possible. Me and my boyfriend are both seniors in high school and we've already had sex he's 18, I'm almost 18 and we live with our parents. We've been dating for about 9 months and my friend has a place of her own but she has a new roommate now and that roommate doesn't want me and my boyfriend staying there idk why he just doesn't trust us. Well me and my boyfriend we've slept together before at her house but I'm trying to figure out a way we can sleep together without our parents knowing. They know we have sex but they don't like it so they won't let one of us stay the night with each other which is why I'm asking for help. I was thinking we could stay the night in a hotel and then just tell our parents we're at a friend's but hotels for 1. Expensive and 2. Would they even let us because I'm a minor but he's 18?? Someone help lol I love sleeping with my boyfriend but it's hard when you don't live together.