I need help

Im 19 and almost 300 pounds i am overly insecure yes i have tried diets and work outs i never seem to lose more then 5 pounds.

I was thin not long ago n then one year i just gain almost 200 pounds instantly and its stuck on since . This is the first time in 3 months i finally look at myself in a mirror . All my mirrors are cracked in anger or covered up. I cry alot over this . N im losing ppl because of how depressed this makes me .

Alot of people tell me simple diet n work out . It is really hard n i always fail at it it never works out. Diets r hard cuz i only make less then 150$ a month . And work outs i try n try my hardest n i never see a change in myself ive been trying for years. Im starting to give up and isolate myself ... even thinking very very terrible thoughts. Day after day crying my heart out cuz i am just tired of this.

Ik i probably should be in therapy but its way to expensive and ik ur all gonna tell me work out n eat right .i am trying. I need more help n more support please