Food Budget

Hear me out, I know it all totally depends on a lot of different circumstances like location, how much you guys are making, etc.. then you just adjust from there but I'm just curious here. How much do you guys spend for 2 weeks worth of food? If you can, please include how many people you guys are feeding, thank you!


If you have a little more time, you're welcome to include links of your favorite recipes! 😄


I'm glad you guys shared. I moved to place where Walmart is a little bit further here. I shop at the nearest grocery store and they have good deals but I feel like I always have to stretch the food. I spend 140-160 every 2weeks for 2 people for dinner alone and other necessities. I think I suck at this lol! I don't eat breakfast and my SO normally just drinks coffee. His at work for lunch and normally brings a simple sandwich.