Is this rape


So about a year ago I was at a football game and my old friend was trying to get guys numbers for a joke. I wasn’t really for it. Anyway she goes up to one dude and I’m like no no I’m not going over there, ( they’re all over 6’0 and strong looking ) and she gets his number for me and then leaves me alone with him and his friends. He asks my age and at the time I was 14 and he was 18. He kept asking me to go to his car and I said no. After a couple times my friend says go with him, I’ll just be right here when you get back ( she was not and I had to look for her ) After a while I said fine and went. On the way to his car I panicked and texted my friend repeatedly to come get me and she never responded. ( her phone had died so I texted all her friends, one lied and pretended to be her and said girl just leave, I knew it wasn’t her she spelt her name wrong and typed like the actual girl ) He drove me somewhere dark and said what you trying to do??. He was over 6’0 and we were miles away from the game so I couldn’t really back down. I didn’t want to and I wanted to go back to the game. After sex... I walked back to my friend alone, ( he left me for his friends and drove off ) and she starts hitting me and telling me that I scared her. She said she yelled at his friends ( which obviously did nothing ) anyway, I said no but then finally said let’s go. I think about it a lot and I wanted to know would this count as rape... my mom constantly throws it in my face for not saying no and I try to tell her I didn’t want to. ( Update on him: he’s in jail for attempted murder ) and that’s another reason why I didn’t want to. I didn’t know him and I knew he was dangerous.