Adult Sexual Awakening

Going into our marriage as virgins, we expected to learn a LOT. But what we didn't expect was for me to have an extremely high sex drive and for him to have an extremely low sex drive

However! after many honest conversations and lots of compromise, we worked out some of the kinks. (Pun intended)

My husband has always tried to respect my needs even when he didn't have the energy to fulfill them. AKA he's fine with me masturbating. Well lately we've not had much time together for anything, not even to share a meal on the same schedule. My sister came to visit and stayed in our guest room. But her trip got extended thanks to a cancelled flight.

We were both going crazy, we had never been faced with having sex with someone in the house and it was kind of sgcary.

But one night I was getting ready for a weekend work trip and getting worried because I couldn't find all my gear for work. I texted him and he rushed home and immediately started calming me down, found my gear and everything. He started kissing me and stripping me. I was nervous but it was really exciting to have to keep quiet and not get caught, we had amazing sex. He Really liked it.

This was my husband's "Adult Sexual Awakening." 😂

I had expressed some kinks of mine and he usually tried some but then the next week after she left, he left on a trip out of state. While he was gone he started sexting me one evening. Which we've done before. But it got heated and we were sending pictures and videos and taking our time. It was amazing despite being apart by hundreds of miles. Afterwards he started telling me how beautiful every part of my body was and he asked if it was okay if when he got home he took pictures of me, budoire style.

(He's a hobby photographer) Which of course I was okay with it! But I told him only if I could sketch him in exchange. He complied. But the conversation didn't stop there. He proceeded to tell me everything he loves about what I do to him, and asked me what I wanted to try, what I wanted to do to him, and what he could do to me. It was over an hour of questions back and forth about what to try, what we like, what we want more. I was astonished by his sudden interest and adoration for our love life. It's like he finally felt the excitement and love from our sex that I always had!

So now whenever you see a famous budoire model, it could be me 😘 lol