Worm, worms and more worms


My lovely fur baby Yula. She's now a year old. When I first got her. I drove over an hour. She was literally skin and bones. She had a broken fang and her mom not her neck up completely! And she was completely covered in fleas.

I took her home and instantly gave her a flea bath. And gave her milk to fatten her up a bit.

Now over a year later. We moved to the city.. the neighborhood has fleas. And guess who keeps getting worms. Our cat. I treated both my dog and cat today. Now that they are treated. She's up and running around and my dog is being his usual lazy self.

I wasn't sure if he may have gotten worms aswell. So I treated him too. I just so happened to look at my cats bum and it's extremely red. Poor child. She was pooping like crazy and eating a ton! Also has a lot of weight in her belly. More like bloat. Now with this new medication that I'll give them every 14 days, we will see how she does!